Annual Meeting

The Coalition for Operational Research on Neglected Tropical Diseases (COR-NTD) convenes coalition members annually to facilitate conversations between researchers, the World Health Organization, country program managers, implementers and donors. Working groups comprised of NTD experts from across the coalition lead conversations and identify key research priorities at COR-NTD meetings called Research Links throughout the year. These conversations, which culminate at the Annual Meeting, play an important role in establishing the NTD research agenda.


COR-NTD 2023 is Oct. 16 & 17, 2023!

We are pleased to announce that the 2023 Coalition for Operational Research on Neglected Tropical Diseases (COR-NTD) Annual Meeting will take place Oct. 16 -17, 2023, in Chicago, IL, USA. This annual meeting is funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

Following the lifting of restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have considered multiple conferencing types to contend with a number of issues including: access, travel equity, internet bandwidth, geographic representation, and delegate representation. Therefore, this year, in an effort to leverage in-person opportunities while still engaging with the wider community, the annual meeting will consist of hybrid plenary sessions, in-person breakout sessions, and a virtual Innovation Lab.

Our decision to make the plenaries hybrid aims to facilitate accessibility to all attending virtually and in person. Breakout sessions will be held in-person in order to provide the best format for engaging and robust discussion as well as to best advance the research agenda. Nevertheless, these will be streamed in the event’s webpage for wider visibility. Following the success of last year’s Innovation Lab, we have opted to keep this feature virtual and interactive continuing to enable the participation of the largest number of innovators and attendees.

Additionally, we are announcing a call for applications for our Breakout Session Selection Committee. If interested, please click here for more details or to apply.

Thank you to everyone in the coalition who answered last year’s survey. This exercise helped us to make several determinations about our meetings within the NTD community this year. For more details on the annual meeting and our convening strategy, please visit the COR-NTD website and read our reflexivity statement. We are eager to see how the new components work and will keep striving to improve our plans for the future based on the coalition’s feedback.

Kyelem Prize Winners

The Kyelem Prize is given annually to an individual selected for his or her unique contributions to the efforts to control, eliminate, and eradicate neglected tropical diseases. Specifically, the COR-NTD Secretariat seeks nominations of individuals who carry on the legacy of the award's namesake, Dr. Dominique Kyelem.

As Program Director of the Lymphatic Filariasis Support Center at The Task Force for Global Health, after an illustrious career as Program Manager for LF in Burkina Faso, Dr. Kyelem personified the spirit and mission of our coalition – bringing together those who implement neglected tropical disease control and elimination programs with those conducting research to address those programs’ needs.

Eric Ottesen

Director Emeritus of the NTD Support Center

Dominique was everyone's friend, everyone's go-to person for guidance, and the source of everyone’s favorite smile and positivity. His personal attributes are exactly those embodied in the individuals chosen for the Kyelem prize each year – competence, effectiveness, collegiality, sincerity, determination and unquenchable optimism.

Dr. Uche Amazigo wins 2022 Kyelem Prize