Annual Meeting

The Coalition for Operational Research on Neglected Tropical Diseases (COR-NTD) convenes coalition members annually to facilitate conversations between researchers, the World Health Organization, country program managers, implementers and donors. Working groups comprised of NTD experts from across the coalition lead conversations and identify key research priorities at COR-NTD meetings called Research Links throughout the year. These conversations, which culminate at the Annual Meeting, play an important role in establishing the NTD research agenda.

COR-NTD 2023 is Oct. 16 & 17, 2023!

We are pleased to announce that the 2023 Coalition for Operational Research on Neglected Tropical Diseases (COR-NTD) Annual Meeting will take place Oct. 16 -17, 2023, in Chicago, IL, USA. This annual meeting is funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The meeting will take place at the Radisson Blu Aqua Hotel in Chicago, as well as virtually.

Registration for COR-NTD is now open. Please see the frequently asked questions below for additional details.

2023 Agenda

Agenda for COR-NTD 2023 annual meeting-topics and times


How can I get an in-person invitation to COR-NTD? 

Due to limited capacity for in-person participation, and in an effort to be fair and transparent, we have a new process this year to help determine attendance at COR-NTD, as well as who may be sponsored. An application for registration (pre-registration) was sent out in June 2023 to collect information on who intended to attend the meeting in-person or virtually as well as who needed travel support. If you were selected to be invited in-person, when registration launches, spots will be available on a  “first come, first served” basis. If you did not fill out the application, due to the amount of interest from those who filled out the application you will receive a virtual invitation to the COR-NTD annual meeting.  

Can I receive travel support?

We have a new process this year to help determine attendance at COR-NTD, in person or virtually, as well as who may be sponsored. An application for registration (pre-registration) was sent out in June 2023 to collect information on who intended to attend the meeting in person or virtually, as well as who needed travel support. Speaker travel support was prioritized. All travel support offers have been sent to those individuals at this time. If you did not receive a letter for travel support, you will be able to either participate in-person at your own expense or attend our meeting virtually. 

Will speakers be guaranteed an in-person registration? 

All speakers were required to fill out pre-registration applications and indicate what sessions they were speaking in and their level of need. Speakers sponsorship was prioritized to nationals of low and middle income countries. Speakers that have been awarded sponsorships have received a letter of invitation for in-person participation and will have their travel sponsored, if needed.

How should rapporteurs apply? 

Rapporteur were requested to fill out the application form and indicate that they will be a participant. We cannot guarantee spots for rapporteurs at the in-person meeting at this time. However, if they filled out their interest in participation in-person in June,  they will be sent the “first come first served” registration links. In this case, travel and accommodation will be self paid. Please know we will work with breakout organizers to ensure a rapporteur is available in every session. 

When will I find out if I may register for an in-person spot?

Registration will be sent out mid-August and will indicate if you are receiving registration for an in person spot or virtual spot. Registration is then first come first served within a role category for those in person spots. If you are not one of the first to register for the in person spots, we will provide you with a virtual spot.

What are the role categories for registration?

Feedback from the NTD Community has indicated that greater transparency regarding the COR-NTD invitation and registration process would be appreciated.  In response to this request, and to ensure equitable participation for all COR-NTD members, we have created role categories.  Each category has a participation cap; this includes our donors who have restricted their own in-person participation.

The role categories include Speakers, NTD-SC Support Staff, Donors, Country Partners (including MOH and other government department employees), WHO, and LMIC Researchers and Implementing Partners. Categories were verified prior to registration.  

We have another meeting we are sponsoring in Chicago at that time. Can my group be given an in-person invitation? 

We cannot guarantee in person spots for groups at the COR-NTD annual meeting due to our space constraints. We have a new process this year to help determine attendance at COR-NTD, in person or virtually. Note that there is no limit to virtual participation at COR-NTD.   


COR-NTD 2023 Application

Form was sent via email June 19-July 6, 2023.

Application closed on July 7, 2023

COR-NTD 2023 Registration Invitation

Will be sent via email in mid-Aug.  

Will be first come first served by category and will close when category is full

Virtual COR-NTD 2023 option

For those who are unable to attend in person, registration will be available to participate virtually.  This will include an interactive, virtual Innovations Lab and live-stream viewing of Breakout Session presentations and Plenaries.


I haven't attended the COR-NTD annual meeting before. How can I get an invitation?

We are increasingly mindful of who gets invited to the Annual COR-NTD Meeting. Historically, the Annual Meeting has been closed due to the nature of its format and constraints of in-person space capacity. Those who request to be added to the Annual COR-NTD Meeting invitation list must be working in the NTD community, as the goal of the meeting is to foster collaboration and to drive the research agenda. All members of the NTD community are welcome to apply for an invitation to the COR-NTD meeting. If you have been on the invitation list in the past, you do not need to re-apply.

You are welcome to apply for an invitation to the meeting through our waitlist here. After submission, once your role in the NTD community has been confirmed, you will be sent an invitation in August to register for the COR-NTD meeting in the fall. Please note that we have limited capacity for in person participation this year, and we are anticipating that those invited to attend from the waitlist will be invited as virtual guests. Virtual components of the annual will be live-streamed throughout the event.


Do you have a room block at the hotel?

We do not have a room block for unsponsored participants at this time. We are working hard at making this a possibility and additional information will be provided at a later date.


We appreciate your understanding and consideration of the new registration process.  We are very excited to spend this 10-year anniversary of the annual COR-NTD meetings with you, in person and virtually.  


Thank you also to everyone in the coalition who answered last year’s survey. This exercise helped us to make several determinations about our meetings within the NTD community this year. For more details on the annual meeting and our convening strategy, please visit the our reflexivity statement. We are eager to see how the new components work and will keep striving to improve our plans for the future based on the coalition’s feedback.

Kyelem Prize Winners

The Kyelem Prize is given annually to an individual selected for his or her unique contributions to the efforts to control, eliminate, and eradicate neglected tropical diseases. Specifically, the COR-NTD Secretariat seeks nominations of individuals who carry on the legacy of the award's namesake, Dr. Dominique Kyelem.

As Program Director of the Lymphatic Filariasis Support Center at The Task Force for Global Health, after an illustrious career as Program Manager for LF in Burkina Faso, Dr. Kyelem personified the spirit and mission of our coalition – bringing together those who implement neglected tropical disease control and elimination programs with those conducting research to address those programs’ needs.

Eric Ottesen

Director Emeritus of the NTD Support Center

Dominique was everyone's friend, everyone's go-to person for guidance, and the source of everyone’s favorite smile and positivity. His personal attributes are exactly those embodied in the individuals chosen for the Kyelem prize each year – competence, effectiveness, collegiality, sincerity, determination and unquenchable optimism.

Dr. Uche Amazigo wins 2022 Kyelem Prize