Pat Lammie

Director, NTD Support Center
Pat Lammie

Pat Lammie is Director of the NTD Support Center at The Task Force for Global Health, where he provides technical guidance and strategic oversight to the projects. Prior to joining The Task Force, Pat served for more than 20 years at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), where he continues to contribute to the Disease Elimination and Control Group in the Division of Parasitic Diseases. 

With a principal focus on lymphatic filariasis, Pat is heavily invested in efforts to develop new tools and strategies to monitor and evaluate filariasis and other NTDs. He serves on WHO’s NTD Monitoring and Evaluation Working Group and Regional PRGs for AFRO, SEARO and WPRO. 

Pat received his PhD from Tulane University in 1983 following doctoral research on the immunology of experimental filariasis.