Successful completion of onchocerciasis elimination mapping (OEM) in Niger, West Africa

Adamou S, Boakye D, Bouckari L, Heggen A, Tallant J, Youssouf Y, Mackenzie CD


By 1987, onchocerciasis in Niger had been successfully controlled in the six endemic river basins. In 2017, onchocerciasis elimination mapping (OEM) was carried out to determine if there was any ongoing transmission in the country as a whole.


The recommended OEM procedures were implemented.


Ten districts, that included 35 villages, required field investigation as sites of possible transmission. None of these were found capable of supporting black fly breeding, nor was there any evidence of the presence of Simulium sp. flies.


The implementation of OEM indicates that there is no transmission of onchocerciasis currently taking place in these newly assessed sites in Niger.