MBGapp: A Shiny application for teaching model-based geostatistics to population health scientists

Olatunji Johnson, Claudio Fronterre, Peter J. Diggle, Benjamin Amoah and Emanuele Giorgi

User-friendly interfaces have been increasingly used to facilitate the learning of advanced statistical methodology, especially for students with only minimal statistical training. In this paper, we illustrate the use of MBGapp for teaching geostatistical analysis to population health scientists. Using a case-study on Loa loa infections, we show how MBGapp can be used to teach the different stages of a geostatistical analysis in a more interactive fashion. For wider accessibility and usability, MBGapp is available as an R package and as a Shiny web-application that can be freely accessed on any web browser. In addition to MBGapp, we also present an auxiliary Shiny app, called VariagramApp, that can be used to aid the teaching of Gaussian processes in one and two dimensions using simulations.