Research Links Event Series

In the lead up to the culminating meeting for 2021, the COR-NTD Secretariat co-hosted a series of webinars, working meetings, research updates, and other virtual events. These events - comprising the 'Research Links Series" - took place throughout the year, replacing the standard breakout sessions, which took place during the annual COR-NTD meeting historically. Breakout sessions have provided the NTD community the opportunity to discuss, in depth, specific research challenges facing the NTD programs. Research Links continues this tradition. During the annual meeting in November, the Research Links session organizers had the opportunity to present the key discussion points and outcomes from their session and lead a live discussion with meeting participants to establish, or further refine, the operational research priorities.

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Upcoming Events

Past Event Recordings

Improving the patient’s journey: the impact and efficacy of training tools for NTDs

Putting Schistosomiasis Precision Mapping into Practice

Operational Research Results and Recommendations for NTD Programs in the COVID-19 Context

Insight into monitoring and evaluation challenges during the COVID-19 crisis.

Leveraging new technology and methods to diagnose NTDs Day 2

Leveraging new technology and methods to diagnose NTDs Day 1

Spreading Truth Not Disease: Paradigm shift in Social Behaviour Change for NTDs

Sharing NTD Research Data

Sustainable Supply Chain: What it Means for NTDs

How to develop a country integrated skin-NTD strategy

"Rising to the Challenge: Learning and Adapting NTD Programming in a Changing Landscape."

Addressing the issue of 'systematic non-compliance' in mass drug administration for lymphatic filariasi

Delineation of transmission zones to improve the evidence-base for stop MDA decisions and reduce the risk of resurgence

Strengthening the collection, analysis and use of data to accelerate global progress in the elimination of Chagas Disease