Assessing the effectiveness of using the Community Directed Intervention (CDI) approach to improve community ownership of Mass Drug Administration (MDA) for Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) in Malawi

Research question

This project intends to assess the effectiveness of using the Community Directed Intervention (CDI) approach as a vehicle for delivery of mass drug administration (MDA) campaigns against targeted NTDs namely, schistosomiasis and soil-transmitted helminths (STH) such as Ascaris lumbricoides (roundworms), Trichuris trichiura (whip worms) and Ancylostoma sp. (hookworms) in selected districts of Malawi. The idea is to take advantage of the logistical setup, organizational strength and high degree of efficiency of the national NTD programme to improve delivery of the current MDA efforts to control selected and highly prioritized NTDs of schistosomiasis and STH and to enhance community ownership of the interventions in selected rural and remote communities by using the CDI approach. The primary research question is: Can the CDI approach be effectively used to deliver MDA to control NTDs at community level in rural Malawian districts?

Study sites


Sample size includes:

a) Parasitological survey with 450 people (150 in each district). This will entail cross-sectional collection, examination and quantification of schistosoma and intestinal eggs in urine and stool specimen for children and adults in sampled households in the study communities at baseline and follow up evaluations.

b) Focus group discussions with 18 exclusive groups of men, women, boys, girls, community action committees etc. in study communities for the selected districts to get their views and perceptions on the project.

c) Cross-sectional community based knowledge, attitudes, practices and behavior survey with 350 household heads from all study communities in three districts.

d) In-depth interviews with 15 key informants such as health program managers, coordinators, involved health facility in charges, health workers from the three involved districts e) District, facility and village health information system record checking on coverage, costs.

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Soil-transmitted helminthiasis
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Qualitative data on MDA effectiveness