Rapid assessment of community preparedness for LF MDA activities in the context of COVID-19

Research question

To assess community readiness to participate in LF activities (surveys, social mobilisation, MDA and evaluations) in the context of COVID-19 in Kenya.


  • Community respondents in Kilifi reported perceived high levels of acceptability for LF MDA in the context of COVID-19, both in the qualitative and quantitative research. The community members were willing to allow CDDs to visit their houses indicating high trust levels of the community members to the CDDs.

  • Study participants in Mombasa County were willing to participate in the MoH evaluation as well as to donate blood samples for purposes of the study.

  • Adherence to COVID-19 mitigation measures (mask wearing, e.g.) was low among community members. However, adherence to mitigation guidelines was high among CDDs and other staff during MDA observations.

  • The community members, program implementers and CDDs reported an increase in community awareness and preparedness for LF MDA compared to the previous rounds of MDA.

  • Support of frontline workers is critical. This could be in the form of enhanced training, provision of proper PPE, mental health counseling, etc.

  • Key conclusion: The assessment showed that it is possible to undertake an MDA in the context of COVID-19 as long as the community members are well prepared and aware, there is adequate training of the CDDs and provision of PPEs to the CDDs is ensured.


Study sites


Sample size represents 400 community members (questionnaire), 20 community drug distributors (CDDs) & 10 frontline health workers (FHWs) and 2 program members.