TAS survey - ICT-FTS Comparison study: A multi-center study comparing the ICT test and the new Filariasis Test Strip (FTS) tests in low prevalence settings of two Albay districts, Philippines

Research question

A comparison study of ICT cards and the new Filariasis Test Strip in Albay district, Philippines. Make recommendations for the new LF diagnostic test for the broader community.

Study Findings:

  • A total of 60 primary schools were surveyed using ICT tests, while a total of 46 primary schools were surveyed using FTS. In some instances, additional blood was not collected for FTS due to parental refusal.

  • Of the 2,944 children examined via ICT, 1 (0.034%) tested positive. No FTS was done on this child.

  • Of the 1,885 children examined via FTS, 1 (0.05%) tested positive. That same child tested negative via ICT and via repeat FTS.

  • FTS resulted in 57 invalid results due to: 1) test strips having no reaction, 2) detached sample pad on test strips, or 3) blood failing to travel upward after being absorbed by the test strips. In addition, some FTS foil pouches were empty.

  • Wb123 antibody levels appear to be relatively low among younger age groups and increase with age.

  • There was little observed change in antibody levels from Phase 1 (Oct 2014) to Phase 2 (Feb 2016).

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