Outputs from the 2020 COR-NTD Meeting

The 2020 annual meeting of the Coalition for Operational Research on Neglected Tropical Diseases (COR-NTD) was held virtually from November 12 to November 14, 2020. Content on this page captures the key discussion points, knowledge gaps, and recommended next steps identified by the participants of the 24 breakout sessions held at that event. Click on the links below and in the margin to access and download the content. 

Breakout Reports

Pre-meeting Session Recordings

In addition to the breakout sessions held during the COR-NTD meeting, the COR-NTD Secretariat hosted more than 20 pre-meeting sessions and webinars. 

Addressing Stigma and the Mental Health Burden of NTDs

Approaching schistosomiasis elimination: from mass treatment to targeted interventions

Building resilience into NTD programs

Context-driven Research for NTDs: Capacity Building Initiatives

Decision Making in Schistosomiasis

Elimination of HAT

Elimination of Schistosomiasis as a Public Health Problem

Fake News & Trust in NTD Health Programs

India’s new helminth control paradigm

Integrated strategies for hotspots: beyond ecology and towards cross-cutting programmatic challenges

Integrating Testing & Treating of NTDs: Benefits of Integrating T & T of Hep C and Chagas

Integration in Action: Examples of integrated data systems in NTDs

Leishmaniasis: A coordination agenda (2020 - 2030)

Measuring the impact of NTDs on disability, morbidity, stigma and mental ill-health

NTD Elimination and Eradication: Understanding and Overcoming Critical Barriers to Success

Strengthen Communication Pathways In NTDs

The Impact of COVID-19 on the 2030 Goal

Things Fall Together – Mainstreaming NTD Functions and Services within the Health System

Trichiasis transition planning – Integrating activities into routine eye care service delivery

Unlocking new collaboration for NTDs

WaSH: Where's the evidence?

Xenomonitoring for Integrated Surveillance

Zoonotic NTDs & One Health: Research needs & control strategies